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 The Normal game

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The Normal game Empty
PostSubject: The Normal game   The Normal game I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 24, 2009 9:13 am

everyone who applies for the round sends in the information below to UEAassassins@googlemail.com:

A recent, recognizable picture of yourself
your name
your school
your year
whether you live on or off campus
any allergies that may effect the game (i.e. if you're allergic to a cream your assassin needs to know so they don't try to contact poison you with the cream)
a random piece of information which a committee member will specify at the sign up for each round.

you will then recieve in your email the same information of 2 other people, we will endeavor to make sure you don't have to same starting targets for any two rounds.

you then have to 'assassinate' your targets, see the weapons lists for things you can and can't use, check these at the beginning of each round in case we've had to ban anything.

once you have assassinated each of your targets, you send in:
-the name of the target
-when you assassinated them
-where you assassinated them
-how you assassinated them.
you will then receive back the information o your targets targets.

if you are assassinated you need to pm a committee member to tell them you've been assassinated, depending on how long the game is taking you may be given the role of a policing officer for the remained of the game.

the winner is the last person standing.
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The Normal game
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